Apung Mamacalulu or "Apo Shrine"

One of the most popular places of worship in Angeles City,  the Archdiocesan Shrine of Christ our Lord of the Holy Sepulchre--better known to locals as Apung Mamacalulu Shrine, or simply "Apo Shrine"--hosts no fewer than 14 masses, and that's just on Fridays (five in English, three in Tagalog, and six in the local language, Kapampangan; see the schedule).

There's also a mass in Kapampangan on Sunday and Wednesday, and a healing mass on Saturday.

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The building is quite new, and it seems every time we visit there is more art in the interior; but the story goes back to the 1820s or 30s, when a parish priest in Angeles had an image fashioned of the "Santo Entiero," the Interred Christ. It was kept in a chapel on the priest's own property, and suffered various vicissitudes before the fateful year 1928, when an ownership dispute arose.

Today there are two such images, one in Apo Shrine and the other in Holy Rosary Parish Church (and there is some doubt whether either of these is the original!)

Parties interested in this fascinating history should follow the links below.

Today, the Shrine is a pleasant place to visit on most days, though a busy place on Fridays. Add to that the presence of the Apo Market on Fridays, like a medieval "market day" centered around a weekly religious celebration, and you have all the makings of a great day out.

Don't miss the Dayrit Ancestral House next to the Shrine, now occupied by religious and closed to the public.

Just the Facts:
  • Address: C. Dayrit Street, Lourdes Sur, Angeles City, 2009 Pampanga, Philippines
  • Location:  Enter from C. Dayrit Streetbetween P. Burgos and Kuliat Streets, roughly one kilometer's walk  north of the town center
  • Phone: (045) 624-0344
  • Map: Click here; GPS: 15.141260, 120.590082
More Information:

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Photos taken at the Apo Shrine February, 2104 (exteriors and altar), and in Holy Week, 2016 (interior and artwork)

Facade of the Shrine

Shrine and Dayrit House

Dayrit House

Blessed Virgin and mural

Sacred Heart of Jesus and mural

The "Virgin of the Aetas"
(local indigenous peoples)

Jesus walks on water (bas relief)

The feeding of the 5,000 (bas relief)

The 12 Apostles flanking the chapel doors (bas relief)

The Chapel's spacious interior

The sculpture of the Interred Christ is in the case over the altar.

Created June 14, 2016

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