June 12, 2016: Independence Day (Event Gallery)

June 12, 1898, is celebrated as Independence Day in the Philippines. The holiday has had a long and tortuous history, which you can read about here, but that date was designated by Emilio Aguinaldo-- the First President of the Philippines (1899–1901)--for a proclamation of independence.

One year later, Aguinaldo was in residence at the Pamintuan Mansion in Angeles, now the home of the Museum of Philippine Social History. He reviewed the troops of General Gregorio Pilar from the balcony of the house.

The city government now sponsors Independence Day celebrations in the shadow of the house, including a parade, a flag-raising ceremony, cultural performances, speeches, and historical re-enactments. Below are pictures of the event in 2016.

The Parade
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A local marching band

Ready for a 21-gun salute

A Rough Rider, maybe?

Riders from El Kabayo Stables

Angeles City's traffic enforcers

A police band

Another local school band

A well-deserved break

Flag-Raising and Pledge of Allegiance
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Preparing to raise the flag

Mayor Ed Pamintuan and guests prepare to "heave-ho" together

A local young woman leads the Pledge
of Allegiance to the Philippine Flag

The Mayor and Staff
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Mayor Ed Pamintuan with Guest of Honor Ambassador Laura
Del Rosario (center) and Director of the Museum of Philippine
Social History Bettina Arriola

The Mayor with Ambassador Del Rosario
and Councilman Jericho Aguas

The Mayor in a lighter moment

Is Hizzoner thumbs-upping me?

Joy Cruz and John Montances (both from the Angeles City
Tourism Office) with Ambassador Del Rosario

John with a characteristically cheerful greeting

Jun Cruz with an uncharacteristic solemn expression

A ghost in the mansion?

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Peter De Vera's Sinukwan Kapampangan dance troupe performed an elegant mock-battle.

There followed a performance by a local community theater troupe, Uyat Artista, with a gathering of "the people" to witness the arrival of "General Gregorio Del Pilar" and "General Manuel Tinio" on horseback, followed by a stirring speech by "President Emilio Aguinaldo" from the balcony of the Pamintuan Mansion.

The program ended with singing by a quartet, led off by the multi-talented Leigh Jocson.

Created June 12, 2016

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