Clark Parade Ground

The Parade Grounds from the air, courtesy Google.

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The Parade Ground lies at the heart of what was originally Fort Stotsenburg, an American Army base chosen in 1902 for the sweet grass that grew there--excellent forage for the Cavalry's horses. The base expanded, and was subsequently occupied by the Japanese during World War II. In 1947 it was transferred to the US Air Force, becoming Clark Air Base, and remained in American hands until 1991, when it was handed over to the Philippines. In 1993, the Clark Special Economic Zone and Clark Development Corporation were established. The Parade Ground has remained through it all!

Just the Facts:
  • Location: Inside Clark, West of Manual A. Roxas Highway. Between R. C. Santos and E. Aguinaldo, between S. Osmena and E. Qurino; between the Clark Development Corporation offices (to the west) and the Clark Museum (to the east)
  • Map: Click here; GPS: 15.180476, 120.522461
More Information:
  • The Parade Ground itself is but an open space; however the Clark Development Corporation has a Facebook Page and a website.

Created July 2, 2016

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