MarQuee Mall

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MarQuee Mall "brings together a rich and unique experience reminiscent of a lively town plaza, infused with an urban vibe. Its contemporary indoor and outdoor design provides a perfect setting that showcases an exciting mix of the best and the latest affordable Manila-based shopping, dining and family entertainment choices. MarQuee Mall celebrates the best of the region’s arts, crafts and cuisine serving as a source of pride to the community." (from the Homepage)

Just the Facts:
  • Address: Aniceto Gueco St, Angeles, Pampanga
  • Location:  Next to NLEX (Northern Luzon Expressway) and Angeles City Hall
  • Phone: (045) 304-0806; (045) 304-0110; (045) 304-0111
  • Email: Feedback form
  • Map: Click here; GPS: 15.162977, 120.609474
  • Hours: "24 hours" (?) per website
More Information:

Created July 11, 2016

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