Cule Cafe

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A new artspace and cafe. From the website:

"Cule Café is a place to sip, inspire and create at the heart of Central Luzon. Grab a cup and choose from artisan baked delights.

"It is home for artworks of Filipino masters and emerging local artists. At Cule Café, you can pick the best artpieces to decorate your home, artworks that could inspire and motivate you.

"It is also a place to explore your creativity! Book your own art workshops or join others to enhance your skills, promote your masterpieces and be part of our in-house social art events.

"Cule Café is the creative space for everyone – to start, pursue and make dreams come true.

"At Cule Café, we believe that everyone is an artist and that when we make art together, we can help build a better community.

"Be part of the movement! Join us,  One cup, one artwork, one change."

Just the Facts:
  • Address: 20-26 Marlim Ave. Junior St., Diamond Subd., Angeles City 2009 Philippines
  • Location:  In Diamond Subdivision; entrance to Marlim Street is across from Saver's Mall on MacArthur Highway
  • Phone: (0925) 362-0055, (0915) 228-2414
  • Email:
  • Map: Click here; GPS: 15.163642, 120.595417
  • Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
More Information:
Created August 3, 2016

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