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  • Arts & Culture: Listings of performances, exhibitions, classes and workshops where you can participate in the City's vibrant arts and culture scene
  • Barangays & Subdivisions: Each of the city's 33 barangays (district of the city, the Philippines' smallest administrative unit), as well as the subdivisions within them
  • Book Stores: New and used books, as well as (usually) stationery
  • Cinemas: Located in malls; with their links to their schedules
  • Classes & Workshops: Learning opportunities outside of schools and colleges
  • Fun!: All kinds of recreation, indoors and out: bowling, theme parks, casinos, golf, hiking, the works!
  • Government & Utilities: Where to get information and services (and pay those bills)
  • Heritage Sites: Ancient churches and storehouses, elegant mansions and old bamboo houses
  • Hospitals & Clinics: Medical and dental services
  • Jeeps, Trikes, & Automobiles: How to get around, with or without a car
  • Malls & Public Markets: From the glossy modern shopping malls to the messy, vibrant outdoor markets
  • Museums, Galleries, & Libraries: An outstanding collection of national and regional museums, art galleries, and public information services
  • Organizations, Clubs, & Churches: From an arts guild to the venerable Hash House Harriers, the Rotary to places of worship, get involved with the community.
  • Parks & Outdoors: While we have few parks, there is a wealth of outdoor activity in the region: hiking, hang gliding, local fiestas, horseback-riding, volcano trekking, a waterpark, and a hot-air balloon festival!
  • Restaurants (Selected): There are plenty of websites covering dining and nightlife (see the Resources page), but we would be remiss if we didn't call your attention to some outstanding places.
  • Schools:
  • --Elementary Schools: Public and private schools
  • --High Schools: Including a National High School, a National Trade School, and two National Science High Schools
  • --Colleges & Universities: Institutes of tertiary education, including "trade techs"
  • Services: A potpourri of personal and professional services, including tour guides; home cleaning and repairs; employment agencies; various consultants; mail and shipping; accounting; etc.

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